What English means to me

Por Sara López Pando, alumna de GIAT1 (3er Premio)


English is a way of motivation, it shows a new and different way to focus life


Nowadays it´s really popular to hear people saying how important English is, mainly as a way of finding a job or just as a tool for traveling abroad and communicate around the world.


But English is not just that. I remember perfectly when I was a child and my parents tried to convince me about what English gives. Fortunately I have 03-sara lopezmore or less grown with it. My mother was born in Sydney, Australia and she lived there until the age of 14 when my grandparents decided it was time to return home. She finished her studies and at 18 she just started to work as an English teacher by her own.


Maybe because of that I have always loved English so much and traveling abroad, above all to English countries. But in fact, we should all think about it for a while…


What we learn going to a foreign country is ¡AWESOME! And I´m just not talking about the language itself, I´m talking about learning with yourself, about the experience you get forever inside.


The first trip I did was to England. I was just there for a week with my family but we could feel the atmosphere and the difference from home. It was a really good family trip.


The second time, my mother and I went to Ireland for a fortnight with some of my friends who were children she taught English here. She went as an “instructor” and we stayed in a type of boarding school where we had English classes in the mornings and sports activities in the afternoons.


Over the years my interest of English was growing more and more insomuch to need something bigger. Something that I knew I needed to help a part of me and of my English level; I needed to GO TO USA. The idea came out because the year before an American friend of mine spent a course studying in my class and we got on really, really well.


I woke up one morning and without telling anyone I sent her a message explaining what I felt. She quickly answered me and told me it was a fantastic idea and that I was more than welcome to stay in her house. During months I had to try to convince and insist my mother everyday about it and finally I achieved my target.


I think I will never have an experience as that one.


From my first steps traveling alone by plane I was already learning. Thanks to that trip I realized what English meant to me. Since the first days I felt like at home. I learned that living alone, without my parents, my boyfriend and friends I WAS ABLE to do much more things than I already knew. I understood that English is a very long list of things that hardly anybody knows.


English is CAPACITY, capacity of knowing how far you can get. It is CULTURE; it makes you feel intellectual, smart and cult. It also makes the DIFFERENCE that you have from the rest of people, it means SECURITY helping you to forget what being embarrassed is, it means RESPECT, EDUCATION becoming in someone more polite, it means RELATIONSHIPS with other different people in a different way you are used to have. It is AID in many aspects, helping yourself but also other people, for example, in an emergency situation. English is EFFORD every day; it is KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING always as a tool to achieve SATISFACTION. It is…


COMMITMENT and of course EXPERIENCE, an experience that changes your life. It is NATURALNESS and FRIENDSHIP. It is WORLD, TRAVELLING and of course FUTURE. But, above all, for me English is STRENGTH and COURAGE.


I could say that before that month living abroad I wasn´t strong. I didn’t understand that complaining is not useful and that if you really want to get or change something; you are the only person who can do it, because no one is going to do it for you. When I returned here I kept on with my purpose of having English in my life and being honest that was the main reason I started to study here. Nowadays I can’t regret it at all.


Bilingual centers open doors to a better life. Listening, talking, writing and reading in other languages is the best way to understand better, to improve knowledge, to learn and of course to express yourself.


Specifically in my case I will repeat that I´m very lucky. This year I have been and I´m still working every afternoon with my mother helping her to teach children English and I feel I wouldn´t change it for nothing. It is true that sometimes I´m really tired because I can´t stop and rest as I would like but I don´t mind. I completely prefer to be busy doing things than feeling empty inside without any responsibility. Besides, my routine gives me balance. It is only a matter of organization. I can study, help my mother and go training athletics without being all day stressed. It is difficult, I´m not saying the opposite but we are the ones who decide what defines us and what we want or don´t want to have in our lives, then it is just what we get used to do.


To finish, don´t forget that English is a part of our lives and when time goes by it will become more and more necessary. Don´t let people decide for you and start thinking about it as an amusing way and not as an obligation, I assure you your idea will be the same as mine.


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