Language Learning Collaboration

As an English language assistant here in Spain, my job description is often varied and extensive.  I have a years experience assisting in high school English classes across Cantabria, including bilingual programs and regular public schools. I have taught individual private classes to six year olds teaching them how to count and to read. I have also helped young professionals and grandmothers improve their conversational abilities. The truth is, no matter what skill level, ability, or age group I am teaching there is no doubt that I love my job.


Upon returning to Cantabria after a summer vacation spent at home in San Diego, California, I was extremely fortunate to be offered the opportunity to be a part of Decroly. Although I had taughtWarren many groups, I had never had the pleasure of teaching a university level class. To be honest, I was very excited to teach to students who had chosen to come to class (versus high school students that wished they were not in class).


I have now been a teaching assistant at Decroly for three weeks and I must say that my experience has been exceptional. The faculty that I directly work with has not only demonstrated their expertise in their field but has also shown a willingness and enthusiasm to collaborate in order to create the most engaging and useful English language/business minded activities. To witness faculty so involved and dedicated to students’ success and learning is truly a breath of fresh air.


What has impressed me most about my experience thus far at Decroly though is the student’s level of English. Overall I have found the students at Decroly to have an above average understanding of English that I consider unparalled in other institutions. Because of this, classrooms cannot only practice their English communication skills, but they can also be discussing and learning about their marketing, tourism or accounting materials at the same time.


I am happy to share my experience as a native English speaker with the students and faculty at Decroly.


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