Second Session Report

The following is an evaluation of all of the classes that I assist individually for the second term. It highlights the students’ levels of English, the collaborative relationship between the teachers of whom I assist, and also informs of the kinds of activities that have been utilized throughout the second term. In addition, this session reports is strictly considering the verbal and listening abilities of the students to whom I give class, as I am largely unaware of their reading and writing skills. Seguir Leyendo Second Session Report

Language Learning Collaboration (II)

After being a part of the Decroly staff and Faculty for around six months now, I have acquired the general rhythm of the classes and settled into a nice position as Auxiliar and assistant. Between the Student, Professor and English assistant relationship, I believe that we have found a balance that has positively impacted the students at Decroly. Seguir Leyendo Language Learning Collaboration (II)

First Session Report

I have now been working as a teaching assistant for Decroly for over two months. I have worked in high schools around Cantabria for over a year, bilingual and non-bilingual programs alike. I have also taught a wide variety of private classes. I had many expectations as well as curiosities upon entering into Decroly. I will relay as best as I can how my experiences have met my expectations over these last two months. Seguir Leyendo First Session Report

Language Learning Collaboration

As an English language assistant here in Spain, my job description is often varied and extensive.  I have a years experience assisting in high school English classes across Cantabria, including bilingual programs and regular public schools. I have taught individual private classes to six year olds teaching them how to count and to read. I … Seguir Leyendo Language Learning Collaboration